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What attribution models are provided on WorkMagic?

Currently we support two attribution models:
  • Magic Attribution
This is a powerful multi-channel attribution model based on industry best practices. This model assigns 100% credit to the last external channel clicked, with lower priority on the organic search channel.
According to industry experience, we know that upper funnel channels such as social and ads are likely to drive Google search results and direct website visits. Also, according to many channel lift tests, organic search channels are expected to take the credit of these upper funnel channels in a traditional last-click attribution model. Therefore, we optimized the last-click model to provide more accurate attribution results.
What's unique about WorkMagic's attribution model?
WorkMagic's attribution model precisely pinpoints which channels and ad campaigns had the greatest impact on customer behavior and revenue, therefore data is used to determine the most lucrative sources for future ads/channel optimization.
  • Last Click Attribution
This widely used attribution model assigns 100% credit to the last external channel clicked, but doesn't consider the influence of upper-funnel channels.
To switch between different attribution models, please go to the right top of "Channel Attribution".