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How does WorkMagic's social media post tracking work?

When you connect your social media and build your campaign, you can track the following metrics with WorkMagic:
Show how many times your content was displayed to the target audience.
Shows the number of actions your target audience took as a response to your post, such as likes and comments.
Measures the number of people who clicked on the link or CTA from your post.
Page Views
Shows the total number of people that have viewed your page
Measures the number of successful orders prompted by the campaign
Shows the number of viewers that turned into customers
To track these rates, you need to connect your social media in the "account and billing section."
To accurately track how many conversions are generated by your social media posts in a social campaign, WorkMagic will automatically shorten the landing page link you provide and transform it into a UTM tracking link. This will enable us to effectively attribute conversions to your social campaign and obtain clear data insights.