Copilot setup: connecting your Facebook Page

In this guide, we'll cover the steps and permissions you need to connect your Facebook Page with WorkMagic

To start using Marketing Campaign and Copilot, you'll first have to connect your Facebook Page  with WorkMagic.

Here's what you'll need:

1. A Facebook Page
2. Admin access to the Facebook Page.

Note: you must either own the Facebook Page or have admin access granted to you through Facebook Page or Meta Business Manager

1. Before connecting your Facebook account

Ensure you have admin access to the Facebook Page you want to connect

You will need the following permissions set up:

2. Connect your Facebook Account with WorkMagic account

After you have completed all the above steps, you can now connect your Facebook Page with your WorkMagic account.
  1. Scroll down and select Connect under Facebook
  2. A Facebook login pop-up will appear. Click connect and you'll be redirected to Facebook to complete your login process
    1. Log into your Facebook profile
    2. Grant access to WorkMagic
    3. Select the Facebook Page account you'd like to connect with WorkMagic. Currently, we only support connecting one Facebook Page. If you select more than one Page, you'll be asked to select only one.



3. Troubleshooting

a. Why is my Facebook Page not appearing in the list of accounts and showing "no account connected"?

You may not be logged into the correct Facebook account.
The Page list is displayed based on your Facebook account. We recommend confirming that the account you're using has admin access to the Facebook Page you'd like to connect.

b. After connecting my Facebook Page, why am I still unable to publish posts?

If you encounter this, it can mean 1 of the 2 things:
1. You have removed WorkMagic from your Business Integrations on Facebook Page. For more info, see [How do I edit the privacy settings for my business integrations?]
2. Your access to the Facebook Page, connected to your Instagram account, does not contain "content" related permissions.